What to Do Before You Finish You Attic into a Room

What to Do Before You Finish You Attic into a Room

Do you want to convert your unfinished attic into a liveable space? Whether you need an extra bedroom, office, or playroom, a DIY attic makeover is a fantastic option to add space to your home without having to pay for a full house addition. After winning that real money online, here is what you will need to do after converting your attic into a room.

What to Do Before You Finish You Attic into a Room

Get a Building Permit For the Attic Conversion

Building standards vary by region, but most call for a 7-foot clearance for attic extensions. But, this is usually measured after the ceiling is finished. If you don’t have adequate height, you’ll need to elevate the roofline, which will increase your building expenses significantly.

Work With Professionals

Your attic floor may be sturdy enough to keep your Christmas decorations, but it isn’t built to sustain the weight of furniture and people. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can expand your attic by putting up walls, flooring, and drywall. To begin, hire a professional to undertake a structural study. They’ll go over any structural changes to the floor and roof and provide suggestions.

 Get Quotations First

Many Developers try to save money by heating and cooling their new attic area with electric baseboard heaters and a window air conditioner. Electric baseboard heaters and window air conditioners may be less expensive upfront. But, they are far more expensive to operate. Furthermore, they do not provide fresh air exchange, which is required by most construction regulations.

Throughout most situations, having an HVAC professional install a free-standing, high-efficiency HVAC unit in the additional attic area rather than tapping into your current HVAC system can save you cash. This will provide you with maximum temperature control at the lowest possible expense.

You Need a Bathroom

It costs a lot of money to add a bathroom to your attic addition, but trust us when we say it’s well worth it. It makes the living space more, ah, liveable, especially if a bedroom is being added. Even if you’re using it as an activity room or office, adding a bathroom improves the space’s comfort and resale value.

There is a Need for Proper Insulation

Don’t make the error of restricting yourself to just low-density, kraft-backed fiberglass insulation. Take considerable time having checked out the newer high-density fiberglass insulating material products, mineral wool, and spray foams. Elevated fiberglass is ideal for vaulted/cathedral ceilings with tiny depth holes that require a high R-value. Spray foam also tends to work well enough for ceilings and walls, and you can do it right away! In fact, the newest DIY spray foam kits permit you to get effective results without specialized gear. Finally, mineral wool is making a comeback as a wall covering. It’s also easy to set up and won’t keep you scratching for days.

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